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There is a prevailing misconception that property owners have to spend thousands of dollars if they want to reduce noise and enjoy a quiet home. When you look at all the factors that go into how much soundproof windows cost, the potential price tag can vary tremendously. 


This leaves home and business owners with a puzzle to solve – how can you achieve the noise reduction results you want without overpaying? 


No one wants to pay $20,000, $25,000, or even more to soundproof their home when they can spend thousands less and enjoy the same results – as well as some very noteworthy advantages offered by the most advanced window soundproofing technology. 


Getting the best value doesn’t have to be complicated. 


When you break it down, there are only three possible methods you can use to effectively insulate your windows enough to dampen sound:

  • Secondary glazing,
  • Retrofit double glazing,
  • New double glazed windows.


By comparing the price range of each method and learning more about all the factors that impact the price, you can make sure you are getting the best value for every dollar you spend on noise reduction.



Soundproof Windows Price with Secondary Glazing


Secondary glazing involves attaching a secondary glaze – either a sheet of glass or acrylic – to the inside of your existing window.


This helps to dampen some sound by creating a thicker barrier for sound to travel through. As the current window is left in place, this is an easier, and less expensive option, than new double glazed windows.



Secondary glazing for soundproofing will typically cost a couple of thousand dollars for a smaller job and several thousand dollars and beyond for an entire house. The total cost will depend on how many windows, the type of windows, such as sash or double hung windows, and the type of glaze used. 


Also, keep in mind, a smaller job will usually cost more per square metre than a larger one as the glazier will have to account for coming to the site whether they do one or seven windows.




Some people attempt to install a secondary glaze on their own instead of hiring a professional glazier. With the DIY method, you can attach magnetic strips to the inside of your existing window and then install an acrylic pane with a frame to attach to the magnetic stripping. 


Whilst this is cheaper, you’ll likely sacrifice aesthetics, window functioning, and even the level of noise reduction.



Retrofit Double Glazing Cost to Soundproof Windows


With retrofitting, as with secondary glazing, your current window frames remain. However, unlike secondary glazing, where the original outer glaze remains, Thermawood’s retrofitting involves a patented process where special tooling is used to modify the existing timber frame to accommodate the double glazing. 


Then a new double glazed insulating unit is installed, so you get two new glass panes of your choice to soundproof a room based on the rooms individual noise reduction requirements.


Because the full window isn’t ripped out and a new one put in, as is the case with new double glazed windows, retrofit double glazing usually costs about the same as secondary glazing, making it a high-value option




Thermawood’s special patented dry retrofit double glazing system involves angling the current timber window frame and installing acoustic and draft seals within the converted window. This provides the added benefits of preventing mould growth and better noise reduction as you have double glazed windows and acoustic seals. 



Thermawood machines their acoustic seals into the window so they become part of the window, not stuck on, so they won’t fall off when the window is opened.


You also won’t sacrifice the original look of your windows or the function. 


Even with heritage windows, Thermawood’s process ensures your retrofitted double glazed windows retain 100% of their character so you don’t lose any of the aesthetic value.



New Double Glazed Windows Cost


How much do noise reduction windows cost when you use new double glazed windows? It can cost several thousand dollars even for the smallest of jobs and on average well into the tens of thousands of dollars


This is because the work involved is much more complex – tearing out the old and installing a complete new frame and window – and there are more materials you’ll have to purchase.



Having to buy a new frame rather than converting the one you have will increase the cost of soundproofing significantly. And if you want a new wooden frame, it’s going to cost even more. 


PVC and aluminium frames are more affordable, although they don’t have the aesthetic appeal of wood. Also, timber is a better insulating material, meaning your wooden windows will offer better natural soundproofing.



Factors that Impact the Price of Soundproof Windows


The cost will ultimately depend on the specific needs of your property. 


For example: 

If you choose to use laminated glass, which is more effective at reducing noise than standard glass, the cost will go up because laminated glass costs more per square metre. 


Using laminated or a thicker glass may be a good idea if you have a tough noise pollution problem such as a nearby train track or you live in the city. If your soundproofing needs are more moderate, such as if you are facing typical suburban sounds, you may be able to use less expensive glass and still achieve a perfect calm in your home.


These factors will impact the price of your soundproofing job:


  • Type of glass used, whether it is standard, laminated, acoustic-grade, or any other type of specialised glass; 
  • The thickness of the glass;
  • The air space used;
  • How many windows need to be soundproofed;and
  • For new double glazed windows, the type of frame installed.


Whilst the exact price for your soundproofing job will be individual to you, in general, you can save a lot of money if you use secondary glazing or retrofit double glazing instead of having new double glazed windows installed. 


You’ll get far superior value with retrofitting over a secondary glaze, particularly with the unique benefits of Thermawood’s patented dry retrofit system, making it the most sensible choice for getting affordable, powerful results.

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