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What Is Retrofit Double Glazing?

With Thermawoods retrofitting, your current single glazed glass is replaced with double glazed insulated glass units. Instead of removing the entire window structure, some cladding and everything else that causes unnecessary damage then replacing the entire window, your existing window structure remains in place and the single pane of glass is replaced with a double pane system!

As a result, with Thermawoods patented retrofitting process you can enjoy all the advantages of double glazing because you are getting the same high-quality insulated glass unit at a fraction of the cost. For those living in bustling cities or who rely on an air conditioner and indoor heater to regulate the interior environment, a window conversion can immensely improve the comfort and quality of your indoor space.

Retrofitting is also just as effective at enhancing the security in your home and protecting furnishings from UV damage, all for a fraction of the cost of new double glazed windows. Retrofit double glazing is a much less obtrusive process, it doesn’t require a lengthy, complex new window replacement which means, it doesn’t require a large investment such as new double glazed windows – yet it will increase the value of your home just as much, or more!

Thermawood retrofit Double glazing is often used in heritage buildings.

We don’t tear your current windows out and you are able to retain the original character of your windows. While other retrofitting window conversion services may not have this benefit, with Thermawood, you are also less likely to face problems with moisture accumulation in your double glazing because of our patented dry double glazing system.

We created a system that encourages better drainage to help our windows and doors withstand even extreme environments. Designed specifically for existing timber windows, water and water vapour is able to evaporate or escape, diminishing the risk that condensation will damage the wood and prevent the double glazing from failing. This not only helps to preserve the integrity of your windows, it also improves the air quality within the home.

Thermawood New and Retro-fit Double Glazing. For a warmer, healthier, drier home.