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There’s no doubt about it – you’re done with noise pollution. The traffic, trains, planes and your neighbour’s garage band. You need the best soundproof windows to shut out the noise, once and for all.


No wasting time with substandard work.


No sacrificing the functionality of your windows.


No costly window makeover.


You need the best solution that will allow you to retain the look and functionality of your windows, dampen sound to the point of quiet bliss and fit comfortably within your budget.


Here are the steps you should follow to get the best windows to reduce noise and end your acoustic troubles for good.


Understand Your Options


First, you need to know what’s out there.


What choices do you have for soundproofing your windows and what are the pros and cons of each option?


The quick fix: Drag your upholstered furniture to the window, replace your beautiful curtains with new, drab-looking acoustic grade ones, buy thicker carpet and stick acoustic padding on and around your windows. You can’t get rid of noise pollution this way, but you can slightly soften the sound with enough sound dampening materials.


However, you’ll end up spending hundreds or even more, and you probably won’t achieve noticeable results. And, you may not appreciate your interior design any longer with your carpets, curtains and furniture all cluttered around your windows, blocking the sunshine. That’s right, the leaf blower you hear outside, the lawn mower that just turned on, you’ll still hear them, really well.


The supplemental fix: Acoustic sealing is something that can help to seal the small cracks around your windows. This can help, but it won’t make a difference that you can hear on its own, especially if you are still stuck with single glazed windows. A soundproofing professional would use acoustic seals when installing your soundproof windows anyway.


The risky fix: Secondary glazing is the process of installing a sheet of acrylic or glass onto the interior of your window. This helps to block out some sound and will yield a noticeable difference.


But, there are risks you need to be aware of.


Secondary glazing will alter the aesthetics of your window and will offset the functionality of sash windows. Also, often with secondary glazing, the windows aren’t properly sealed, which will mean you’ll still face a frustrating level of acoustic annoyance.


The pricey fix: Many people assume that the best windows to reduce noise are new double glazed windows. While replacing your current windows with a double glazed window will certainly improve your interior acoustics and muffle noise, new double glazed windows are expensive.


This can make it a challenge to upgrade all the windows in your property, leaving you with vulnerable areas. Also, why would you overspend by several thousand dollars when you don’t have to?


One more important consideration; ripping out your current windows and putting in new ones will effectively toss the lovely charm and character you have right now out the window.


The efficient fix: The best double glazing for soundproofing is actually a window conversion rather than a replacement.


With a retrofit double glazing system, your existing timber windows are altered in such a way that you get the soundproofing power of a double glazed insulating unit, yet you save the aesthetics of your home, the function of your windows – and your wallet.


The supreme efficient fix: Thermawood takes retrofit double glazing to a superior, yet still affordable, level with a patented dry double glazing system. This allows for a seamless window conversion that also prevents moisture build-up (which can be a problem with other double glazing systems) and includes professional acoustic sealing. In fact, it’s so efficient, the Thermawood process has been sanctioned for soundproofing windows for Australia’s heritage buildings and homes.


Best Way to Soundproof Windows


The best way to soundproof a window is with the unique dry retrofit double glazing system performed by Thermawood franchisees. Here’s how it works:


The consultation: One of Thermawood’s soundproofing professionals arrives at your property to assess the needs of each individual window. This way, you can enjoy a tailored insulated glass unit for each area of your home, depending on how intense or mild the noise pollution is. The decibel and frequency levels are checked, and any questions or concerns you may have are answered during your consultation.


Getting started: Thermawood will send you the details of your soundproofing and a quote for you to approve. Then you can set up a convenient time for your retrofit.


Your window conversion: The professionals arrive. Your current timber windows are converted. Using purpose designed and developed tooling, a small portion of the existing frame is removed to make space for the customised double glazing unit to be installed, as well as a specially made, eco-friendly drainage adapter and backing seals.


The completion: The retrofit windows are completed with beading that allows moisture to escape for the driest possible soundproof windows.


All of this is done on-site, which means there’s no need to board up windows or worry about a mess as your windows are being soundproofed.


Once your windows are done you’ll be able to enjoy a quieter home with less stress and anxiety from chronic noise pollution and the chance to finally hear the sounds you want to hear within your home with perfect clarity.


Even better, you’ll enjoy the thermal insulating benefits, thus lowering your energy bills and keeping your property comfortable all year round. With the best soundproof windows, you’ll also increase the value of your home or building as you’ll have quality, well-insulated windows whilst retaining the original aesthetic. It doesn’t get any better than that.


Beating noise pollution is easier than you think.

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