Thermawood New and Retro-fit
Double Glazing for a warmer, healthier, drier home.

New Joinery


Double Glazing for new timber joinery

As well as fitting existing joinery, we also offer double glazing for new building construction.

The Thermawood System meets the requirements of the IGUMA and will satisfy IGUMA member’s warranties.

Technical Notes

  • 18mm Insulating Glass Units can be glazed into 42mm timber section.
  • 24 Insulating Glass Units can be glazed into 54mm timber section. (Available soon)
  • Much cleaner internal and external sightlines due to the purposely designed self-adhesive wedge.
  • Drainage system and back pressure work together to minimize water ingress and drain out moisture resulting in longevity of timber and Insulating Glass Units.
  • Unique coextruded sill adapter provides platform for drainage, setting block, bottom bead location and support while santoprene backing fin prevents water ingress.
  • 15 degree sloped and slotted IGU compatible silicone glazing blocks securely lock into sill adapter.
  • Suitable for both factory and site glazing.
  • Significant reduction in glazing time over traditional timber glazing techniques.
  • Eliminates the need for wet glazing compounds, tapes and silicones.
  • Frames can be transported as soon as glazed – no curing times.
  • Tested to NZS4211:2008  Extra high Wind Zone water penetration test requirement
  • Sloped drainage system for new timber joinery
  • Dry glazing system
  • Designed to suit 18mm double glazed units
  • Self adhesive tape
  • Complete glazing system, including rubber seals, sloped glazing blocks, drainage adapter and beading