Thermawood New and Retro-fit
Double Glazing for a warmer, healthier, drier home.

Sarah, Rotorua

“It has been just over six months now since we had the wooden joinery in our 1950’s character home retro fitted with double glazed glass panes by Chris Smith Glass. Initially it was my husband who insisted this work be done to our home, I didn’t get too excited about it as I was unsure about the benefits. We are now in the thick of Winter and the benefits are very obvious. I always loved our character home and believed part of owning it meant I had to put up with feeling a bit cold in Winter; not so now, as our home holds the warmth that comes in during the day and doesn’t lose the heat our gas fire provides. This is the first year that I have EVER had to turn the heating down! It feels to me like our gorgeous older home, structurally and aesthetically always pleasing,  has now also been brought up to date in terms of its ability to be a warm and healthy home. I am really delighted with the difference this has made to our home; and as an added bonus, the difference to our power bills means that the money we spent on getting the job done, will actually pay itself off in time.”

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